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Platform for Hiking Assistance

This Platform is maintained by hikers. It is free and freely usable by all. It allows you to create points of interest and manage your hikes, but also to interact with other users.


A website dedicated to hikers

The idea began to germinate in 2009 during my cycling to Vienna by the EuroVelo 6 (EV 6). 2250 km during which a support site for hiking was well worth me...

How many times have I stopped in a squalid corner to picnic while an area laid expecting 500 meters away? How many times have I been going door to door begging for water when a drinking fountain was a few pedal strokes? How many times did I have to eat the leftovers lost deep in the countryside, while a grocery store was open in this small village crossed there are 5 minutes away and in which I would never have suspected that there was a trade open on Sundays?

I have done other bike journeys from, be it in Ireland, Saint-Jacques de Compostela, in Brittany, Vendee etc., and a hike to another, from a conversation the other, I realized that he needed a website to simplify the life of hikers and more livable travels. Whether it's hiking, a boat trip, a round the world bike or a simple family outing, we always need to identify, drinking, eating, to protect or sleep!

The Roulard is born of these reflections. After a development year, he finally emerged. Sure, it has expanded over time, but its primary purpose was never lost sight : simplify hiking daily and allow everyone to feel safe at any time, regardless its activity and wherever it is.

If you want to participate in this adventure, you are welcome! More we will have content more we will be helpful to hikers community.

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The Roulard is a Community Plateform for Hiking Assistance. It allows you to create points of interest and manage your hikes, but also to interact with other users.

You can follow developments and share your experience on facebook (LeRoulard) and twitter (@RandoRoulard). You can also contact us by email on contact(AATT)leroulard(DDOOTT)com, and a Atom feed is available to paste as closely as possible to the new features of the platform.

If you are looking for help (in french), it's here : The Roulard handbook

Nous sommes à la recherche de traducteurs pour traduire la version française vers d'autres langues. Si vous êtes intéressé, n'hésitez pas à nous contacter sur contact(AATT)leroulard(DDOOTT)com.


You can follow developments on facebook (LeRoulard) and twitter (@RandoRoulard). A Atom feed is available to paste as closely as possible to the new features of the platform.

You will find below the last published news :

Email management (2021-04-11)

Meilleure gestion de la désinscription aux courriels envoyés par le site.

Hikes (2021-04-06)

Fixed an issue with file size detection.

Accommodation (2020-12-23)

Server migration.

Translation management (2020-09-01)

Updated access to Reverso API for machine translation.

Help us...

The Roulard is developed, hosted and maintained by volunteers.

If you want to help us ensure proper operation (domains, hosting, etc.), or simply thank our days and nights spent without hiking trying to provide you quality service, do not hesitate! We are passionate, but far from being millionaires ;-)

So you are warmly invited to make a donation with PayPal or, if you are providing hosting service, to offer us hosting your machines.

In all cases, the main source of help is your participation in the project and the quality of your contributions. So do not hesitate to make beautiful hikes so that the Roulard can accompany you for a long time !


Here is the list of projects used by the Roulard :

Thank translation tools and people who took the time to check their results manually :

Automatic translation

Finally, thank to Richard Stallman for the GNU project, to my girlfriend Vanessa Le Rolle for her good ideas and her support, to Alain Auduteau for creating le Roulard help and his many contributions, and my company Easter-eggs and colleagues/friends for... just about everything!


Unlike other sites offering a free service, you are not considered here as a commodity or as a product, and nothing unethical is done with your actions, your position and the data you create on the Roulard.

The personal data entered about creating your account are not communicated to any third party. Your email is only used when others want to contact you (but never displayed to other than yourself) and to send you items related alerts that you have decided to follow and a new password password if forgotten.

Public data associated with markers and hikes are likely to be viewed, improved and commented.

Passwords user are encrypted prior to storage in the database. In this way, neither the directors nor any intruders who would have access to the data Roulard are able to exploit.

When you delete one of your markers or hikes while others have participated (comments, photos ...), it is proposed to abandon it to respect these contributions by keeping them. In this way, another will be able to appropriate it to maintain it.

When you delete your account, your markers and hikes are considered orphans and may be adopted by another hiker.

Emmanuel Saracco, 2014 - 2023
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